Two Mac Displays
on your Vision Pro

Splitscreen lets you share more than one Mac Display, even on different Apple IDs

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Frequently Asked Questions

What causes the "Input temporarily not working" overlay?

When using Splitscreen together with Mac Virtual Display you may see an overlay on your Mac Virtual Display window saying "Input temporarily not working". This happens because Splitscreen turns off Universal Control when you're connected so that you can seamlessly move your cursor between both displays. We noticed that when Universal Control is on, there are issues when moving your cursor between displays.
We are looking into ways to improve this experience.

The performance of my Splitscreen window is worse than I would like

Since Splitscreen creates a direct connection between your Mac and your Apple Vision Pro there can be a number of causes for bad performance. Please enable the debug graphs from Settings > Advanced and then reach out to us so we can investigate and find the cause together with you!

What display resolutions are supported?

In the Mac Display Settings you can change the resolution, ranging from 1280x720 to 2560x1440. Please vote on other resolutions you would want to use in the roadmap so we can prioritize testing around the most upvoted results. Our plan is to build Splitscreen out based on your feedback, so we wanted to start simple and expand from there.

Can I share more than one extra display?

Right now Splitscreen only allows you to create one extra virtual display. If you also use Mac Virtual Display that means you can have up to two Mac displays on your Apple Vision Pro. We are working on adding support for more displays (and separate windows for separate apps as well) but we want to get more real world feedback first so we can work out the kinks! If you want more displays make sure to vote on the roadmap so that we can prioritise our roadmap further, thanks!